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Toni Plascencia

A proud Laotian and a self-proclaimed foodie, Toni was born in Thailand, raised in America. She is the Managing Partner along with her husband, Mario Plascencia of Fillmore214 Investments, Fillmore HVAC and several other successful companies based in Texas. She is an avid spoke-person for the diversity of different cultures. Known as an Ambassador of Diversity through her aim to merge cultures (Laos, Thailand, Hmong) by celebrating them.

“I want to inspire young ladies to chase their dreams – you can be a lawyer, doctor, dancer...anything is possible.”⁣ 

Toni Plascencia

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Our Lao Legends ambassadors not only support the conference by buying tickets to attend the event themselves but they also help provide information and most importantly give discounts to tickets! If you are interested and are in their local area you can contact them for more information.

Want to be an ambassador?  Contact us for more information on how you can become a Lao Legends Ambassador in your area.

Send an email to:

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